Working with Tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis at work

Each year thousands of Americans are inflicted with repetitive motion injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a government agency which records occupational injuries and illnesses, more than 70,000 repetitive motion injuries (which include tendonitis) occurred in private industry during 1999.

In 1999, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 73,195 workers sustained these motion injuries, including tendonitis, in 1999. These are serious injuries, only recording those that required days away from work. This figure is down from that of 1992, where there were 89,875 injuries that involved repetitive motions on the job. Repetitive motion injuries due to work during the 90s:

Tendonitis and what’s commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome were the cause of nearly 50,000 injuries. Typically, many of those with carpal tunnel syndrome have tendonitis, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics data categorizes all carpal tunnel syndrome injuries strictly under that category.

According to the survey, statistics show that while women only incurred only 33% of the total number of injuries at work, they incurred 65% of the tendonitis injuries and 61% of the repetitive motion injuries. The higher affliction of tendonitis on the job with women as opposed to men could be largely due to the fact that women hold jobs involving more repetitive motion, such as typing.

To check out tips on how to avoid repetitive motion injuries and tendonitis while on the job, check out our page on How to Prevent Tendonitis.

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