Treating Acute Tendonitis

Acute Tendonitis

Those that perform a physical activity in excess, or more than what they’re used to doing, have the possibility of straining a muscle or overusing them. This can affect a variety of different people and those performing many different things, like retirees that garden too much, teens starting a youth sport for the first time, or athletes that push themselves too hard.

Acute tendonitis is more commonly found in the “weekend warrior,” those that go without physical activity throughout the week but play a sport on the weekend. These sports can result in a muscle strain or mild tear, creating inflammation and pain.

This strain normally occurs at the end of the muscle where the muscles attaches to the bone or blends into the tendon. This creates the condition known as acute tendonitis. It can also derive from strained muscles or trauma like a fall or missed step.

When treating acute tendonitis, the first thing you should do is apply ice to the area for about 10 or 20 minutes at a time for a few times a day. This should be performed on the injured area for three days, starting at the time of injury. After swelling has improved, moist heat can also be applied to the area as it increases blood circulation through the area, increasing healing time.

Other treatment options for acute tendonitis include the use of ultrasound applications over the affected area, reducing swelling over a short period time and increasing blood flow as well. If you begin gradually flexing and mobilizing the area, the muscle normally heals fine. But unfortunately, this is not what most people do. They may ice once or twice and rest, but will take Advil or Tylenol and continue along their normal activities.

By continually working the affected area, the area inflicted with acute tendonitis never has time to rest and heal and increases the chances of recurring problems.

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