Thumb Tendinitis Information Sheet

Thumb tendonitis

Tendonitis of the thumb is an unfortunate condition that is created by the swelling or irritation of the tendons found along the thumb side of the wrist. Irritation like this causes the lining around the tendon to swell, which changes the shape of the lining. When the shape of the lining is irritated and enlarged, it creates difficulty for the tendons to move as they should. This causes pain and tenderness along the thumb.

What causes thumb tendinitis?

The cause of thumb tendonitis is irritation of the tendons, specifically those located at the base of the thumb. A new mother can experience thumb tendonitis, due to the awkward hand positions used by a new mother to carry her infant. Another to experience thumb tendonitis can be a professional pool player, one who is required to pick up weighted objects with a few fingers.

What are the signs and symptoms of thumb tendonitis?

The main symptom of thumb tendonitis is pain on the thumb side of the wrist. The pain can either be very sudden, or it can expose itself gradually. It’s felt in the write and can travel up the forearm, with some similarities of carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain usually increases as the hand and thumb are being used, especially when grasping or twisting objects.

Because of the pain and swelling, some may find it hard to move the thumb and wrist. Put your hand in a formation to pinch someone – if this is difficult to accomplish, you very well might have tendinitis in the thumb. Another symptom of thumb tendonitis is numbness in the back of the thumb and index finger, caused by irritation of the nerve.

Treatment of thumb tendonitis

The goal of treating thumb tendinitis is to relieve the pain caused by irritation and swelling. In some instances, your doctor may recommend a splint, allowing you to rest the thumb and rest. In addition, an anti-inflammatory medication taken either by mouth or injected into your tendon can help reduce swelling, alleviating pain.

Treating thumb tendonitis may be as simple as stopping the activities that cause pain and swelling to allow the symptoms to disappear on their own. If none of the mentioned treatment options work, or if symptoms become more severe, surgery may be recommended.

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