Hand Tendonitis Information

Valuable Facts About Hand Tendonitis

The hand is consist of various ligaments, muscles, and bones, which enable dexterity and mobility. The muscles in the hand allow the movements of the hand bones, while the ligaments bind the hand joints. Used in numerous activities, the hand is often considered as the most abused body part next to the feet. Since the hands are utilized to accomplish almost every single task, they often get stressed and overused, which often
lead to hand problems like Hand Tendonitis.

Hand Tendonitis is the tendency of the delicate hand tendon to swell that is usually found in the fingers and wrist. This type of tendonitis causes the irritation, discomfort, and pain in the hands.

Causes of Hand Tendonitis

Usually, people who suffer from the painful Hand Tendonitis had overused their vulnerable hands. Individuals who capitalize with their hands to accomplish their works often stress these precious body parts, which leads to the inflammation and irritation of the tendon. The swelling of the hands makes movements painful and pretty uncomfortable. This fact hinders many people to do their chores and to have a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from the overuse of hands, some people who experienced hand bad fractures and injuries are also often diagnosed with Hand Tendonitis. Men who do some workouts also feel awful hand pains as they lift heavy exercise equipment and apparatus -- a sign of tendonitis.

Symptoms of Hand Tendonitis

It is not difficult to know if a person is suffering from a simple hand pain or Hand Tendonitis. Hand Tendonitis can cause tightness, aching or burning of the hands especially if they are used in gripping or holding things. Once the inflammation gets serious, it can upset the median nerve and attack the body's weakest points such as the wrist, bicep, and forearm. This is because the bounding soft tissues of the hands are linked to the other parts of the body near the hands.

A person is also experiencing Hand Tendonitis if his/her hands often feel snappy and turn red and tender. It can also be observed that the pain gets worse when one wakes up in the morning or before sleeping at night.

Diagnosing Hand Tendonitis

People who suffer from unusual pain in the hands need to see their doctors to know if they have Hand Tendonitis. Doctors ask their patients some questions to determine if they have the symptoms of Hand Tendonitis. Apart from the usual questioning, doctors can select the appropriate kind of diagnosis depending on the seriousness of the swelling of the hands of the patients. As an example, to diagnose the Dequervains Tendonitis, doctors conduct a Finkelstein's test, which instructs the patient to create a fist and pull the the wrist away from the affected thumb. If the maneuver hurts, then the patient is positive of the illness Dequervains Tendonitis.

Hand Tendonitis Treatment

Unlike other diseases, it it not hard to treat Hand Tendonitis as long as the patient will properly follow the doctor's advice . The most typical way to treat Hand Tendonitis is to avoid using and moving the hands. The patient is also recommended to use a support or brace to rest the hand tendon, which will ease the irritation. Additionally, the use of ice compress is helpful to cure Hand Tendonitis because this treatment will cool down the inflammation and stimulate the blood flow in the hands.

Apart from the said treatments, patients are also advised to take anti-inflammatory medicines to control the pain and decrease the swelling of the tendon. However, if the medication fails, the doctor will have to perform a delicate surgery to remove the affected tissue.

Rehabilitation Exercises for Hand Tendonitis

Exercise has been proven to strengthen the body, hence it is advisable for people who are in the process of recovering from Hand Tendonitis to perform some workouts to improve the condition of their hands. Some of the exercises that doctors recommend are the rubber band ext and the use of gadgets like grippers and squeezers. Flexion (wrist curl) and extension (reverse wrist curl) are also sound hand workouts to firm the wrist and the forearm.

Hand Tendonitis Prevention

Overextending the thumb and wrist can cause the pain in the hands, so it is better to let these hand parts to relax. Right diet and ample rest are also essential so as not to stress the whole hands. Using supports and cushions are also important to avoid the hands from feeling more pain. If unusual aches and symptoms are observed, better see a doctor to prevent the development of Hand Tendonitis or any similar hand problems.

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