Athletes and Tendonitis

In a recent survey amongst professional athletic trainers and physicians, Achilles tendonitis was the third most common complaint received from athletes. It’s a common injury experienced by athletes that not only run, but endure repetitive high impact microtrauma.

Several factors can cause the development of Achilles tendonitis in athletes. Overuse can be a cause, but as the athlete is better trained and experienced, the less likely overuse is the cause. With more experienced athletes, biomechanical abnormalities and rheumatic disorders can be an underlying cause.

Common actions or events that the athlete is/has participated in can play a role in the appearance of Achilles tendonitis, such as an increase in training, intensity of workouts, a change in training surfaces (from grass to turf, for example) and changes in footgear. Athletes can help prevent Achilles tendonitis by making any changes gradually over time, or not at all, if possible.

Additionally, proper stretching before every workout or physical activity will reduce the overall tension of tendons, decreasing the chances of tendonitis.

For more information on the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis treatment, check out our page dedicated to Achilles tendonitis.

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