Diagnosing & Treating Achilles Tendon Rupture

All of sudden, there's a pop or a snap. You immediately begin to feel a sharp, throbbing pain in the back of one of your ankles and lower leg. It's almost like a charley horse, but even worse -- it disables you from walking properly.

You've just experienced an Achilles tendon rupture. This occurs when you tear or rip your Achilles tendon by overstretching. Your Achilles tendon is the large, beefy fibrous cord that connects the muscles of your lower leg to your heel bone. A rupture can be partial, meaning just a tear, or a complete one, completely separating the tendon.

This rupture usually occurs right above your heel bone, hence the term Achilles heel. However, it can happen anywhere along the tendon. Because of its severity, unlike other injuries that cause harm to the Achilles tendon, an Achilles tendon rupture requires immediate medical attention and often surgery.

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