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iTendonitis.com was established to help people suffering from tendonitis, tennis elbow and joint injuries. Within this site you'll find detailed information on all known types of tendonitis including achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow etc. Our guides show you how to recognize tendonitis symptoms and apply treatment to the problem.

What is Tendonitis?

Tendons themselves are cords of tough, fibrous connective tissue that attach muscles to bones. Tendons are found throughout the entire human body. Tendonitis is the inflammation and irritation of these tendons. If the normal smooth gliding motion of a tendon is impaired the tendon will become inflamed and tendonitis will start to occur. Tendonitis, if it's caught early, can be easily treated and cured.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow (epicondylitis) was first recognized by doctors more than 100 years ago and it is estimated that up to half of all tennis players will suffer from the condition at some point. Tennis elbow is the inflammation of the tendons in the elbow area and is caused by overuse and injury. Tennis elbow almost always effects the tendons out the outside of the elbow.

On this site we have a wide range of articles to help you with tennis elbow including symptoms, treatment and prevention methods. In most cases tennis elbow and tendonitis can be treated without the need to see a specialist.

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Steps from Diagnosis to Treatment

It is very easy to diagnose, treat and prevent tendonitis. If most cases, if you catch tendonitis early, you can treat it without having to see a doctor. Follow these easy steps to diagnose and treat tendonitis:

  1. Know the common causes of tendonitis
  2. Recognise the symptoms that occur with tendonitis
  3. Start tendonitis treatment
  4. Take measures to prevent tendonitis occuring again

Using these 4 simple steps you can easily treat your tendonitis at home without the need for a doctor or physician. If the tendonitis pain keeps occuring after you have followed the steps mentioned above you should consult your doctor.

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